Tejal Deshpande

A Mumbai girl, I believe that experience is the best teacher. The Winning Spirit was born out of my quest for learning from my own experiences, failures, observations and the people I met. It is also a self-acceptance and acknowledgment that my one kind act, a simple suggestion, a warm greeting or sharing a meal with someone can inspire, encourage and motivate others. The initial awkwardness transformed into self-confidence as family, friends and well-wishers appreciated this quality in me. Personally it will be gratifying to know anyone who has been encouraged by The Winning Spirit.


Why was Kolhapur trip special for these women?

On International Women’s Day a group of women travelled to Kolhapur.  They visited the famous Mahalakshmi temple, relished local food and had a good time together. What seems like a break from the lockdown and indoor life was in fact travel with a difference. It definitely was a much deserved ‘break from indoor lifestyle’. Their …

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