2021 musings

2021 Musings – Be the Tortoise instead of the Hare

Crossing Mental Health hurdles in the 2021 sprint race

My trip to the Statue of Unity, Gujarat, pushed me a step closer to conquer a devil within – fear of heights. I resolved to make 2021 the year of new beginnings and renewed determinations. Looking back, 2021 gives me a foggy vision, of falling back on my determinations.

I wanted to get fitter in 2021. A year later, I haven’t lost weight. Nor do I have transformation pictures to post. However, despite the setbacks I look forward to my workout. It feels good to train and exercise. Missing exercise is a small win. This mind shift was not possible without a helpful and a patient trainer (I am on a red alert btw).

The Spring Race

2021 feels like a sprint race. Athletes take a good start towards the finish line, but have to cross hurdles on their way. They stumble. They fall. It doesn’t deter them from reaching their goal.

The summer of 2021 was the biggest hurdle in the 2021 sprint race. It brought an unimaginable wave of loss, desperation, frustration, helplessness for millions of Indians. Working from home became more challenging as social media and our message boxes were flooded with a sight we do not wish to see again.

Hence staying emotionally and mentally healthy became a small win in 2021. Personally, I found myself going back to the planner, habit tracker and rewrite my goals. Again and again I was smashed back to square one. Anxiety often peeped to say Hello.

Emotional Wellbeing

I went back to my 6 steps magic potion – of having faith, expressing gratitude, reading, feeding my mind with positive thoughts. The occasional meeting with friends, dining out was a breath of fresh air.

But 2021 was still overwhelming. Jumping and crossing the mental and emotional health hurdle became extremely critical.

I leave this year with some additional wisdom of self-motivation that helped navigate the vulnerable moments:

  • Detox from social media and work-related content consumption – A good break from social media, OTT or consuming work related content helped.  It was important to stay away from the mobile screen. I set my own deadline / guidelines of social media, watching OTT or work related content.

Do I really have to watch the trending OTT shows? Instead I enjoyed lighter content – travel, comedy or even podcasts.

  • Avoid falling in the comparison pit – Self -belief and accepting the pace of events unfolding is important to skip the comparison pit. Self-doubt often picks its head when things are not working the way you want them.

Anxiousness almost became my best friend – I was wondering why things are not working for me. Growing The Winning Spirit community was my 2021 goal. But spending time on creating content, exposure to graphics and screen was affecting me. I decided to slow down. It’s fine not to be active, take your time and move ahead.

  • Spending time with myself – I finally managed to go on a solo trip. Chilling in a hotel room in Goa? Yes, I did. I rested, enjoyed good food and long drives.

How did you deal with emotional wellbeing in 2021?

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