Turning 40 with grateful reflections

Birthday means spending time with my closest friends and family. Those are simple and cosy moments – not really milestone celebrations or champagne nights. On my 40th birthday we will be taking the much needed break as my mother smiles up above from the sky.

You don’t look your age

Your skin is so flawless and clear

No one will say you have crossed. … (30,35 whatever age….)

These were positive compliments. However, I never fully comprehended these comments. How was I supposed to look my age, or my skin supposed to be?  Beauty regime, fashion and I are like light years away. A casual conversation with a friend made me realise I was soon going to turn 40. Last few months had left no mind and emotional space to think of celebrations, occasions or unwinding.

Since then it has been a subconscious reflective moment. It again came to the fore when twice I had to think of the following – What are your goals for 2030? Subsequently, I read another interesting comment on a social media platform – With rapid disruption and 2020 behind us do we really know what lies ahead?

Readers of The Winning Spirit will know I never really believed in making goals. In fact, blogging made me think about goal setting. Writing helped get some clarity and I made my first vision board in 2020. 

So, frankly I had not really thought of where I want to be in 2030. Then I thought to myself – What was I doing when I turned 20, 30? What were my goals then?

This 20 year old girl was very determined to become a journalist. Apart from the required qualifications, she was eager to learn other skills to enter the profession – a foreign language, photography and computer skills.

She did become a journalist. Faltered – professionally and personally. This steep journey opened a new a career path, that of Public Relations. Her curiosity to learn was still not stemmed.

Her courage was best tested with a leap of faith. She celebrated the 30th birthday in the United Kingdom, something which she ever dreamt of earlier. Perhaps the universe sent her to Kingston Upon Thames to become bolder and stronger to face the wildest of the storms in the years to come.

Last decade has been a roller coaster ride – from discovering herself and her passion for travel & food, to embracing change. Most importantly it has taught this girl to imbibe Acceptance – of emotions, relationships and rejections too.  Learning to use adverse situations as a springboard of change and to take actions towards one’s own happiness.

Happy Memories on Turning 40

With 2030 on the horizon, the journey looks far more than the materialist goals of a happy family, financial stability, professional growth, etc.

The 2030 vision envisages to become:

  • A healthy and fitter person – Physically and emotionally
  • Giving back  to the society – work in the areas of elderly care / education of special students
  • The Winning Spirit is a holistic platform for motivation, inspiration and encouragement

And the blurry vision of dabbling in travel still persists….the only dream that has travelled along since the last decade.  

How has disruption impacted your goals?

Nurture Winning Thoughts!

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