Is overthinking killing your creativity?

Tap your abilities for the best results

I was very conscious while working on a presentation. It was one of the first for me for this particular assignment. I took a longish time to put something that was fairly simple and clear to me.

Since last few months I have been trying to put my blog content on Instagram. Many times I am stuck while designing the creative / Instagram post. Something was not clicking. I have been thinking of how to get my social media content for The Winning Spirit right.

I remember so many moments of just staring at the computer screen with Power Point on.

Often we find ourselves in situations where we know what needs to be done, have an idea how to perform that particular task, but something seems amiss. While pondering over this dilemma, I discovered a peculiar pattern.

Either I was not confident of performing that task. Or I was trying to confer to a set format/template or follow someone else’s method of working on it. For example, Instagram. Should I work on templated content? Will actual photographs connect with the audience? How do other content creators make their posts? Why do their posts get more engagement?

Or, we overthink and over analyse someone else’s work in the similar case. My boss likes to use this template, should I work with the same format? Client appreciates bright colours, let me follow the same pattern.

Templates tend to confine our creativity

Not bound by Templates

Formats / templates give us a direction while working on documents / designs. But confusion peeps in when we take those methods / templates as the gospel truth, perhaps blocking our own thinking or creativity.

Like a tiny stone creates ripples in the water, I found clarity from my own past experience. In order to fulfill my dream of becoming a journalist, I enrolled to learn some other skills while in college – French language, photography and a DTP course.

The DTP course helped in discovering my designing creativity. One of my best assignments was design of a coverage page of a travel magazine. Perhaps, it brought my love for travel to the forth. I secured good grades in my Corel Draw assignment too – a beautiful sunset at a seashore with a ship passing by.

I am not good at drawing on paper. But a new platform helped me to discover my creative talent. In fact, technology came to aid in sharing my imagination and creativity.

This memory encouraged me to not to get overwhelmed:

  • Define the purpose or objective of your task
  • Tap your own abilities, understanding and imagination for the best results
  • Our personal progress matters the most – even if it is an inch better than the last attempt
  • Think of the value  you add, without worrying about the compliance

How do you win over that overwhelming feeling?

Nurture Winning Thoughts!

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