Giving Hope

The Winning Spirit is a small attempt to motivate, encourage others to search for that silver lining when you see dark clouds in the sky. This platform intends to give readers hope that a tiny flame of positivism can douse a burning fire.

We invite our readers to share winning spirit, thus joining this journey of motivation and encouragement.

About Me

Tejal Deshpande, a Mumbai girl, believes that experience is the best teacher. The Winning Spirit was born out of my quest for learning from my own experiences, failures, observations and the people I met. It is also a self-acceptance and acknowledgment that a one kind act, a simple suggestion, a warm greeting or sharing a meal with someone can inspire, encourage and motivate others. The initial awkwardness transformed into self-confidence as family, friends and well-wishers appreciated this quality in me.

Personally it will be gratifying to know anyone who has been encouraged by The Winning Spirit.