Strawberry tarts; Goodness of chocolates & happiness

Who  made you smile today? 

That evening the strawberry tarts came home packed in a beautiful blue paper bag. I had finally given into my temptation and ordered them. I wanted to eat something nice, something that will make me happy. Following an early dinner, my heart was filled with gratitude as I relished those  freshly baked strawberry tarts.

Simple gestures make us happy, meaning so much to us at that particular moment. Often we let them pass. Do we pause and think of people who make us smile – knowingly or unknowingly? 

That day cakesomenoise, my favourite baking discovery of 2020, was my guardian angel. Her tarts were my magic potion to deal with a  health issue. I just wanted to pamper myself. 

Remember smallest moments and count your blessing!
Small Moments Count

A day before, working from home had again drained me. This time I could sense it was much beyond the regular strain of calls and screen time. We all face our daily challenges – some are in our control, some are not. Some challenges push you to give up, while others are a springboard for new beginnings..

However, this time I was gasped with the vibes or perception I was giving – maybe unconsciously. Maybe something was not right within. It is times like these we need to value our loved ones, people who are always there for an ear.

Caring colleagues, family’s love, househelp’s warmth became my pamper cushion. I decided to only attract positive and good vibes. I did get them from an unexpected quarter too.

To understand the platform better, I did a little exercise on instagram. Universe gave the same answer – appreciate good things / moments in life, however small or insignificant they seem to be. 

With this on my mind, I started focusing on positive thoughts. I remembered the little moments of care I got in last few days: 

  • A friend checking on my health
  • A colleague’s encouragement
  • Oil massage by my house help has been so comforting and filled with love
  • Father’s motherly love of switching off lights so that I get a sound sleep
  • Brother’s nudge to exercise and take care of my health

And of course the strawberry tarts ! 

If not for these moments, how else will I refuel my winning spirit?

Hence, each night as I pray I have decided to think of a nice deed that someone has done for me. It is my way of being grateful and counting my blessings ! 

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Nurture Winning Thoughts!

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