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The Winning Thought – Hug A Tree

Last few days my minds was on a roller coaster ride. I was trying to absorb some work related developments, self-reflecting and yet coming to terms with reality. Sometimes it’s not what we want or need, but you tend to think – Do I really deserve to go through this? Are your efforts being really valued?

With so many questions cross my mind, what helped me pause and reflect is my positive attitude and thoughts. I decided to refocus my energy, divert my thoughts to what things I like, enjoy the most.  Hence, the following lines by Rasheed Ongunluaru, a UK-based business and corporate coach, resonated with me:

Hug a Tree

I reflected on this quote to seek clarity on my actions –

Stepping aside is so important when thoughts clutter your mind.  We go through various emotions – of anger, frustration, helplessness, unhappiness. It’s a storm – but once the skies clear we get a clear picture. Firstly, consider this as a detox phase – of calming down, thinking and reflecting on our action plan irrespective of the trigger.

Step back and think on the course correction. Do you need to change your behaviour?  How you improvise? What should you focus on instead?

Finding solutions to these questions becomes particularly when we are working from home. I was missing those coffee breaks or little conversation with my office buddies.  The second part of this quote made more sense now.

What does Hugging A Tree mean? Why does he say it’s better to Hug a Tree than to bang your head against a wall constantly?

Hugging a tree is in fact considered good for our health. It is a healing technique, a form of meditation. Some experts viewed Hugging a Tree as a beneficial in helping people get over the loneliness due to social distancing and the pandemic

In simple terms it means reconnecting with nature, appreciating it. Being grateful for nature’s abundance, love and our life.

How can we translate this in our daily lives:

  • Going on walks to a nearby garden or taking a route with trees
  • Home / window gardening
  • Spending some time sitting under a tree or observing nature

No wonder I enjoy quiet evenings by the window overlooking the neighbourhood garden!

Nurture Winning Thoughts!

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