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Winning Thought – The Gift of Hope

How do you plan to give The Gift of Hope?

The Kindness Diaries, a travel series on Netflix, is my cocoon when I feel like unwinding. The series is a combination of two things close to my heart – Travel and Kindness. The Gift of Hope episode ignited my Winning Thought of this week. Exactly that – The Gift of Hope.

The host meets Isabel, the dancer, who believes in sharing hope and compassion through her art. When asked what hope means to her, she says,

“It allows me to keep dreaming. Keep maintaining the idea that what I need will come to me.”

These lines etched in my mind. Hope in other form is also to keep dreaming, not feel defeated. To have The Winning Spirit of overcoming obstacles and have faith that what is meant for you will come your way. Isabel overcame her lower back injury to dance again. Isn’t this courageous and encouraging? In the episode she helps the host with a place to stay when he has little hope of finding one.

How can we give The Gift of Hope to someone? And many times to ourselves…we all need this precious gift at some point in time. Personally, last few years have taught me to be courageous while hoping for things that we want. Sometimes things don’t come to us in the exact form or shape that we want or think we want… On many occasions we are not sure of what we want.. But then our hope and faith in our dreams should not be defeated.

You may ask – How can I gift hope when I am only not seeing any positivity? A casual phone call, a warm hug, listening compassionately to someone or just being around when someone needs you is assuring.

Over weekend I missed a friend’s call. He thought I am never available whenever he calls me. He needed help and was hopeful of my support. Again the episode crossed my mind. I decided to at least give his ideas a thought – can I support his dream in any way?

How do you plan to give The Gift of Hope this week?

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