Mumbai Spirit

The compassionate spirit of self-discovery and encouragement

What is the winning spirit?

Morning after the 2005 deluge in Mumbai, we were surprised to know the newspaper was not delivered. Later we realised there was water logging everywhere and even local trains, the lifeline of Mumbai was not functioning early morning.  After a while I walked to the market area in search of the newspaper vendor. The streets were silent, shops closed, cars stranded on the road. I finally noticed a vendor selling just one publication. “The trains are not working. Newspapers have not reached”, said he.

I was surprised, a little shocked and also worried. Mumbai, the city of dreams, is always on the go, even during the heavy monsoon season. Day or night you will always find people on the streets, some roadside vendor with food, milk vans and supplies zipping across at dawn. This is commonly known as the Mumbai Spirit, come what may the city and its people uplift themselves, emerge stronger in a critical situation.

Covid-19 Grounded Mumbai

Covid-19 finally grounded the Mumbai Local at a halt, another historical phase not only for Mumbai but for the entire world. Fighting against the deadly virus with no vaccination calls for a strong determination. From doctors, nurses, municipal workers, medical stores, vegetable vendors to you and me, all of us have become Corona Warriors in our own way. The quintessential Mumbai spirit is again been tested, more so with the onset of the monsoon season.

Amid this gloom, anxiety and uncertainty we are also hearing and seeing some stories of triumph, people beating odds to help each other. The kirana stores, medical shops, corner shops selling daily essentials like bread, eggs, etc. became our backbone. Happiness was to see people innovating, bringing new systems, focussing on health and immunity, changing their way of life to face this challenging face. However there are many who still need encouragement, a glim of hope to sail through the most critical phase for the world.

Birth of The Winning Spirit

Personally, i started re-focussing on my blog during this phase. I realised my Random Thoughts need to have a purpose, an objective. It was a self-discovery as many family, friends or acquaintances found my simple acts, some decisions, and attitude inspirational and appreciative. Hence the birth of The Winning Spirit.

The winning spirit is not only about performance, achieving great accolades or defeating someone. For me the winning spirit is a journey of celebrating small wins, overcoming little hurdles, tackling life challenges, thus becoming self-confident and stronger human being. The Winning Spirit will be a compassionate platform of inspiration, motivation and encouragement for me and others. 

Welcome on-board on this journey of The Winning Spirit.

Nurture winning thoughts!


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